Covid questions you should be asking your government,
starting with your elected officials in your district, and your local health department.

If the Covid shots are so great, why aren’t they designed to stop SARS-COV2 infection?

Why are we being experimented on with Covid shots that have only undergone two months of safety studies and have not completed final phase trials?

Why should Covid shots be mandated at all in any setting, when the CDC has admitted that they don’t protect against the delta variant and any other mutation, and that people inoculated with these shots can spread the infection?

Why are my tax dollars being spent on Covid booster shots that will also not protect me against infection of the virus?

If the Covid shots are supposed to protect me, why is the CDC telling vaccinated people that they still have to wear masks?

If people inoculated with the Covid shots are protected from infection of the virus then why do I need to get vaccinated to protect them?

And if people inoculated with the Covid shots are not protected from infection from any of the SARS-COV2 variants, what’s the purpose for taking a useless shot that won’t protect me and may make me sick and injure me for life?

Why is the U.S. government allowing us to be experimented on with these gene therapy biologics and not telling us about the alternative, off-patent, inexpensive therapies that are actually curing people of infection from the virus and preventing others from ever getting infected?

Why is our government, including POTUS, censoring highly qualified doctors on the front lines treating Covid patients with inexpensive, effective, alternative therapies that do not require that people be vaccinated?

Where is the peer-reviewed scientific data that backs statements made by POTUS, the CDC and Fauci that unvaccinated people are killing other people because they refuse to take Covid shots after being fully informed of the risks?