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See The Study – Dr. James Lyons-Weiler.

Inexpensive, Effective Holistic Therapies Already Exist for Preventing and Curing the Virus That Causes Covid-19. SCROLL DOWN to view information or jump to this page.

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Health Freedom Ohio

1851 Center for Constitutional Law – Ohio – Winning Cases Against Mandates


Children’s Health Defense – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

National Vaccine Information Center – Barbara Loe Fisher

America’s Frontline Doctors Treating Covid Patients

Del Bigtree, Journalist at The High Wire – Facts About Covid


Inexpensive, effective holistic therapies using hydroxychloroquine, intravenous vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc have been shown, over and over again, to heal Covid in under 7 days. We don’t need a vaccine, let alone one that could be made mandatory for all U.S. citizens. View more information about these inexpensive, effective treatments for Covid, using the links below and demand of your state legislators that our tax dollars not be spent on untested vaccines and tests that have been shown over and over again to be inaccurate – and, instead to perform statewide studies now, using these holistic methods that are proved effective by frontline doctors treating patients infected with SARS-COV2, the Delta variant and other mutations. You can also go here for more detailed information.

“Don’t set yourself on fire under the illusion of keeping others warm.”
We Can’t Allow a State of Emergency At the Expense of Our Constitutional Rights

To Support Your Fully Informed Consent and Right to Choose or Refuse:

  • The PCR, Serology and Antigen tests for Covid are surrogate tests. At best, they are only an indication that a contagion may or may not be present. This means that additional tests would have to be performed in order to determine causation from a virus or other contagion. This has not been done before pronouncing that people have ‘Covid-19.’
  • It has never been shown that the list of symptoms being referred to as the ‘Covid-19 disease’ (a list of symptoms that are synonymous with almost every other chronic health condition or disease), are caused by any contagion, let alone the SARS-COV2 Coronavirus. Therefore, more accurate testing and followup needs to be performed before any causation can be accurately shown.
  • We mourn the dead and our hearts go out to their families. However, it has never been shown that those who died during the current pandemic have died from exposure to any contagion. In fact, the reverse has been shown: that most pronounced with Covid died of underlying health conditions and disease that they had been suffering for an extended period of time, thereby compromising their immune systems.
  • The Pfizer Covid shots that has just received full FDA licensing have never been properly safety tested before uptake by humans. They have been experimenting on us and the shots are inffective and harmful to many. In addition, the CDC has not presented any plan or recommendations to health/medical professionals for necessary steps to monitor people receiving the vaccine over an extended period of time, to include advanced testing to determine the vaccine’s impact on the human genome and the health of the person receiving the vaccine. This would include long-term monitoring of any side effects (long-term being a minimum of 18 – 36 months).

There’s more but, based on the above, you should take steps to fully vet the information you are hearing, reading and being fed, in order to understand ALL sides of the safety and efficacy argument, before you even consider taking the Covid-19 shots and, absolutely, before you even consider favoring the taking away of another’s right to bodily autonomy through the right to refuse – lest you have that right taken from you.

Bodily Autonomy

If we are not able to make the final, decisive choice about what goes on and in our bodies, we are not free. Under the U.S. Constitution, bodily autonomy is our right to govern and decide what happens to our bodies without external influence or coercion. We stand for this constitutional right that is granted by God and protected by the Constitution. Under no circumstance should a person be forced to violate this right.

The Health Practitioner/Patient Relationship

 The Destruction of the Doctor/Patient, Health practitioner/patient relationship is upon us.

When you need medical treatment, who do you call? The CDC or your doctor? When you get sick and require medical advice, do you call Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci or CNN or Governor Dewine, or do you call the doctor whom you have placed your trust in? Because if you get sick from a vaccine that is not safe, it will be your doctor who has to help you deal with the long-term consequences, not government or private industry!

If you work with a chosen medical or health/healing professional, that practitioner has examined and monitored your medical history. Due to this fact, along with you performing your own due diligence regarding what will go on and in your body, this is the only person who can help you make informed decisions, using your right to informed consent, to decide on a course of treatment or prevention with respect to SARS-COV2. Government and industry cannot and should not.

And yet, in the midst of today’s Coronavirus crisis, we are seeing unprecedented actions being taken to censor doctors and other health care professionals who are successfully treating Covid with inexpensive, off-patent, FDA licensed and approved remedies that have worked in healing even the sickest and eldest of our population of SARS-COV2.

And it doesn’t stop there. Currently, doctors who are speaking out about these successful treatments that make a vaccine unnecessary are being fired from their positions. In some cases, their licenses have been threatened or revoked, they have been vilified in smear campaigns in popular media, their videos and websites have been taken off the Internet and, in one case, domain names for their websites (that they own) have been permanently disabled!

Not So Hidden Costs of Covid Lockdowns and Mandates That Many People Are Not Aware Of – Was It Worth It?

  1. Lockdowns have been shown not to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. In addition, they have increased cases of trauma, domestic violence due to fear of getting infected and loss of jobs under Covid lockdowns, depression, street violence, increased alcoholism and suicides.
  2. The death toll from suicides and people who died because they could not get surgeries and treatment deemed non-essential under lockdowns and other state mandates has far exceeded the actual death toll from SARS-COV2.
  3. It is now being reported that 60% of businesses in the U.S. (80% in Ohio) that were forced to close under Covid lockdowns and mandates will not be able to reopen. They are out of business.
  4. Companies have laid off millions of workers and those jobs are not coming back.
  5. The actual death toll for SARC-COV2 is less than the death toll during the annual flu season, and the actual count is only 6% of what was previously reported.

Recommended Reading and Resources

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail


“If you don’t know what your rights are, how do you know they are not already gone? You cannot exercise a right you do not know you have. If you are not exercising your rights, they are already gone.” ~ Krisanne Hall, Liberty University

Our research team is in touch with 170 doctors and health/healing practitioners who are treating people with symptoms of Coronavirus SARS-COV2. As a result, we have uncovered serious rights violations within the state of Ohio and elsewhere, regarding mandates and orders for Covid-19.

As a being with God-given rights, you should be aware of the rights afforded you under your state’s constitution and our federal constitution so that you can take action to prevent your rights from being stripped away during this Covid-19 crisis.

If you live in the state of Ohio, download the state’s constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Ohio state Bill of Rights is the first six pages.

For people living in Ohio, we also want to make you aware of a not-for-profit law firm currently defending Ohio citizens against the violation of their rights from the state’s Covid-19 mandates.

If you live in another state, we strongly encourage you to search your state’s constitution and read it.

You can purchase a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, with all amendments for $3.95.



Medical masks do not protect against SARS-COV2, Coronavirus or Covid-19. Who says so? The manufacturers of the masks!

In fact, wearing a mask to prevent against Covid-19 is like trying to keep mosquitoes out with a chain link fence. And yet, businesses are throwing people out of stores who refuse to wear a mask against their store policy. And videos are surfacing on the web of people shopping in stores without masks being cursed at and accosted by other customers! 

See what the U.S. surgeon general has to say about masks

The United States Department of Labor, on their OSHA regulations page for Covid-19 for employees and employers, clearly states that cloth and medical/surgical masks in the workplace will not prevent infection from any airborne bacteria, viruses or other pathogens.

OSHA also clearly defines the necessity for regulations that allow a person to properly breathe in the workplace while wearing any protective devices. You can read that here

Check your state’s OSHA regulations, as well.

If you have an underlying disease or chronic health condition for which you are being treated, speak with your doctor about the potential necessity for wearing a mask when in public, and also ask your doctor to show you the research that proves that wearing one will protect you.



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The Dark Side of Vaccines, Luke Yamaguchi (free, must view online course at



Vaccines are only reliable if they have undergone the proper safety tests with third party oversight, and proved to be safe. Also, are vaccinated people healthier, in general, than those who are not? This is a question that vaccine manufacturers cannot answer because they have not done the studies.

And how do we already know that vaccines cause injury? Because, in exchange for indemnification in perpetuity from all liability due to harm from their product, that was granted by the U.S. Congress and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, vaccine manufacturers are required to list the dangers and harmful ingredients on the vaccine EUA application, licensure application and patent filing documents. So, read these and see for yourself. They can be found online, as they are public information.

**We are 200% behind vaccines that are properly safety tested in double-blind placebo tests over a period of years, and when vaccine manufacturers can show that that vaccinated people are healthier than the unvaccinated. This is not the case with most vaccines and is definitely not the case with the Covid shots.

**In fact, there are a growing number of studies that show the opposite; that unvaccinated people are healthier than those who are vaccinated. You can see some of those studies here



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