Love and Liberty, Not Fear – Protect Your God-Given, Constitutional Rights

Through Direct and Sustained Contact With Legislators and Other Elected Officials
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Our Duty to Each Other

Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government he and the framers of our Constitution had given us, to which he replied “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

The most important issue of our times, especially under Covid, is holding elected officials accountable for upholding the oath each has taken to uphold, protect and abide by our Constitution. There is nothing more important than that duty they have to us, that we each have to each other. This is what the ‘pandemic’ is really about.

People campaigning to be elected or reelected should not be asking us for our vote or telling us to vote for them. Instead, they should be showing us how they will earn our vote, our confidence and our trust.

Constitutional Law

Revised codes in the state of Ohio and other states, that are not in alignment with our Constitution, must be revised, or repealed. Those who don’t respect and support our state and federal constitutions will become slaves to big government and the corporate greed that leads to fascism. We are already seeing this under Covid.

We do not support any political party. Pages in this category are designed to educate the citizenry in the importance of direct and sustained contact with their elected officials and support for the efforts of any citizen, elected or not, who wants to uphold our state and federal constitutions, while standing for our God-given, inalienable rights, civil and human rights and health freedom.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed….”

~ The United States Declaration of Independence on which our Constitution was founded.


1. We are focused on providing information and activity on several bills in the Ohio state legislature that, if passed, will reign in Governor Dewine’s massive over reach in keeping us in a state of emergency while destroying our economy and preventing measures to maintain our health, naturally and holistically. See bill information and how you can help get this legislation passed now if you live in Ohio.

2. We are working on language for new legislation that will protect your access to alternative holistic health and well-being therapies for reversing and curing chronic health conditions and disease, without costly medical interventions and life on a medical treadmill. Get on the wait list for breaking information about the introduction of this bill for the state of Ohio.

3. We are considering the formation of a civil rights coalition to engage in the necessary activities to protect or civil rights, human rights and God-given rights under the present Covid seize in the U.S. If you want to participate in such a coalition, contact us to be placed on an email list for further notices specific to this initiative. When emailing, indicate this as your interest.

**To get involved in our initiatives to get bills passed to protect our health freedom and bodily autonomy, join our community. In our monthly, community meetings, we organize and report on these intiatives.


Who We Are

We are a group of concerned citizens in Ohio who are engaged in educating and inspiring the public to increase direct and sustained contact with legislators and other elected officials. During the present Covid crisis we are also working at protecting;

  • Our right to health freedom and bodily autonomy – to have the final decision on what goes on and in our bodies.
  • Our right to fully informed consent.
  • Our right to refuse any health, medical and well-being treatment without reprisals or restrictions on our chosen lifestyles as a result of such refusal.
  • Our right to choose any of the many alternative, holistic, natural, well-being and health therapies for prevention and healing that do not rely on toxic pharmaceutical interventions to sustain health past any necessary, emergency medical interventions.


Our primary purpose is embodied in two parts:

  1. To educate you in the importance of protecting your God-given rights through direct and sustained contact with legislators and other elected officials, and to inspire you to do so. Increasingly in these times, this requires protecting and upholding the state and Federal Constitutions of our Republic by engaging communities across this land in Love and Liberty.
  2. To establish a permanent means of educating and empowering you to take full responsibility for your government, to ensure that you have government by the people, for the people. 


The implementation of our stated purpose is framed in the establishment of Liberty Action Councils in states across the U.S. The Liberty Action Council is designed to support increased citizen engagement with our elected officials to foster relationships that will ensure that we have governance for and by the people, rather than being ruled by government.

Download your free copy of our Liberty Action Council Plan

It is our intention to help establish a Liberty Action Council in as many counties as possible. If we manifest Liberty Action Councils in every county in every state, we will have more representation than the corporate lobbying efforts that operate 24/7 in our state legislatures and federal government.


Our focus now and for the foreseeable future is to protect our right to bodily autonomy, informed consent and the right to refuse without punishment under the present Covid-19 mandates and lockdowns. These mandates are now backed by very aggressive plans to vaccinate a minimum of 90% of the population with shots that have not been properly safety tested and are no longer needed to remedy and protect against Coronavirus infections from viruses like SARS-COV2.

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The U.S. Constitution is the highest law in the land. Second behind that in Ohio is the Ohio State Constitution and Bill of Rights, the highest law in the state. The Liberty Action Council of Ohio is comprised of a growing number of concerned citizens in Ohio who are seeing our Constitutional rights consistently violated under unlawful Covid-19 mandates in our state.

In an emergency, freedom and constitutional rights don’t stop being important. They become more important. In addition, during an emergency crisis in which the masses are impacted, solidarity amongst the citizenry is vital. In a democratic society, during such an emergency, it’s the citizenry that should have the final say.

Don’t get suckered into the politicizing of our rights by politics or political party affiliation! Our constitutional, human and civil rights are NOT a matter of political party affiliation. We will have to fight for our God-given rights protected by the Constitution, regardless of which political party appears to hold power. This is a matter of the corruption of greed on the part of special interest – a disease visited upon all political parties and many public officials. The protection of our rights is a moral imperative that supersedes government and politics. All political parties, in order to perform their duty to serve the people, must be made to come down on the side of protecting our rights.

Politics Free Zone

We do not support any political party. We support leaders who recognize that they are the employees and servants of the people. Liberty is not a political matter but a moral and ethical imperative. To this end, we welcome you, regardless of your creed, color, ethnicity, political persuasion, party affiliation or other political beliefs.

We welcome anyone (democrats, republicans, libertarians, liberals, conservatives, other etc.) who stands for Liberty and wants to protect that Liberty and our God-given and Constitutional Rights, as elucidated on this page. We also welcome those who want to protect our first amendment rights and other rights during the Coronavirus crisis.

Liberty and Informed Consent

If you don’t know what your rights are, how do you know they are not already gone? You cannot exercise a right you do not know you have, just as you cannot be free and ignorant of your rights at the same time.

For example; If we do not have the final decision, by way of informed consent, as to what goes on or into our bodies, we are not free.

The Liberty Action Council is dedicated to informing and educating people in our community as to the importance of protecting Liberty, health freedom and informed consent, particularly during the present Coronavirus crisis in which our rights are being stripped away.

Religious Freedom

The right to religious freedom of choice, including the right to freely gather for the purpose of worship and open community discussion is being gradually infringed upon by the current Covid mandates in our state and beyond.

We stand against this and offer education in what you need to know to further vet the current situation, to make informed decisions based on reviewing all sides of the data, argument and debate. This includes public and private gatherings to formulate community action.

The Right To Free Speech

Censorship prevents proper, open debate and examination of all available data and commentary to get at the truth. In this way, it prevents people from examining the truth.

During this Coronavirus crisis, the right to free speech is being stripped away through increasing censorship of doctors, scientists, researchers, journalists and the general public – anyone who is presenting data, information and science that contradicts the mainstream media (sponsored by Big Pharma), CDC, John Hopkins, IMHE, DHHS, NIH/NIAID, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci (all backed by Big Pharma dollars) and others who are insisting on a highly developed narrative designed to change how we breathe, eat, work, play and live.

For example, Big Tech, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have consistently banned posts, pages and videos speaking against mandatory vaccination, demanding transparency of vaccine efficacy, mandatory mask/face-coverings and very reliable data that conflicts with the infection/death rates from SARS-COV2 that these companies are either presenting or supporting.

BTW…each of these tech companies gets a large amount of their financing from Big Pharma. This, of course, represents a huge conflict of interest.

If ideology is not supported by true science, the ideology must be discarded. This is just as important with respect to decisions that are being made in the present Covid crisis that are taking away our rights, based on ideology that is not backed by science.

True science is and always has been based on scientific debate that is cultivated and embraced to hear and consider all sides of the argument, based on the available science, before any public mandates are made.

Such science must be heard, debated and acted on, even if it means that economic interests are challenged by it and economies are required to change as a result of it – and even if it means that moral and criminal scandals are exposed in the process.

The Right To Peaceably Assemble

The mandates from the Governor and the Director of Health in the state of Ohio that redefine mass gatherings as 10 or more persons is a direct threat to our right to peaceably assemble. Stating that such gatherings of 10 or more people increases the risk of community transmission of the disease is a misleading statement for which no scientific data has been presented. In fact, the available, peer-reviewed, evidence-based research states the opposite.

In an attempt to support such statements, we are told by the Governor (for example) that, during a church service in June, a person infected with SARS-COV2 attended that church service “..that led to 91 other people being infected with the virus by July 4th. How does the Governor know this?

Did the person mentioned test positive for the virus before the June church service?

Were those 91 people infected before attending the gathering?

Could they have had contact with other infected persons after the June church service and before July 4th?

Were these 91 people monitored closely and interviewed by toxicologists after the June church service and prior to July 4th to determine who else they came into contact with who may have been infected with the virus?

Did the 91 people have contact with other infected people, prior to attending the service (thereby invalidating the claim that the infection came from that one person)?

None of these questions have been answered. So, why should there be any restrictions or incursions on our right to peaceably assemble wherever and whenever we please?

Any potentially dangerous virus should be taken seriously and we know that there are more useful, innovative measures that can be taken to protect the public from harm, while also ensuring our civil liberties and protecting our Constitutional rights. With creativity and innovation designed to protect humanity and what it is to be human, we can have both.

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.