Lifestyle Is the Cure

Our Founder, Kedarji, talks about the importance of getting to the root cause.

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Every physical ailment and every manifestation of a lack of well-being has a root cause that is the cause of both the physical manifestation of the dis-ease and the more subtle foundation on which the physical/material manifestation of the dis-eaase is based.

Lifestyle changes support your healing and journey to get off the medical treadmill and stay off the medical treadmill. Lifestyle changes are also the key building blocks to ensure that the root cause is always addressed in a wholistic fashion that forms the foundation for both short and long term remedies. These changes include dynamic, effective and proved methods for healing dis-ease and attaining vibrant health, in the context of wholistic well-being, with the focus always being getting to the root cause in both its material and subtle elements.

In this way, lifestyle is the cure.


Eating whole, organic foods is a necessity for optimizing your health. Optimizing your health means optimizing your cellular health. If you don’t fix the cell, you’ll never get well and stay well.

Why Eat Only Organic
Non-GMO Foods?

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Insulin resistance is a gateway disease and a root cause of other diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, liver failure and kidney failure, among others. Therefore, insulin resistance is an urgent matter to address in order to heal and attain a state of vibrant health.

Understanding Insulin Resistance,
the Gateway Disease

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Herbs, part of the magnificent world of plants, are an essential means for getting important micronutrients into your system. They also play a very important role in wholistic reversal and healing of illnesses, dis-ease and and severe diseases – and are important for supporting your immune system in your development of natural immunity.

The Healing Power of Herbs –
Support Natural Immunity

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The gut microbiome is the largest branch of your immune system. Therefore, gut microbiome health is essential to healthy, natural immunity, as well as, optimal cellular respiration. Leaky gut is a common chronic health condition that must be addressed for optimal health of the gut microbiome.

Leaky Gut and Auto Immune – Get the Facts

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